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The melding of engaging & informative first-person narratives with world-class photography and the highest quality printing & design has become the hallmark of publications conceived by Tui De Roy and The Roving Tortoise Team.

“To read a writer is, for me, not merely to get an idea of what he says, but to go off with him and travel in his company.” ~ Andre Gide.

“The wise man reads both books and life itself.”  ~ Lin Yutang

Photo © Tui De Roy  / Digital Compositing © Mark Jones

Poles apart..  Resting on an ice floe in the Norwegian Arctic, Svalbard Archipelago, a Bearded Seal contemplates the uncertain future of all life in the frozen realms.





No animals were harmed during the blatant PhotoShop processing of this image...

Needing proof?... Mouse over the penguin book to see the original full-frame, un-retouched photograph of the seal scratching his whiskers.

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