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 ~ selected highlights from some of our favourite photo projects ~

We have an extensive working picture library — countless thousands of film and digital format images representing hundreds of diverse environments, exotic, rare and endangered species and their human-pressured habitats.  Until we develop an effective web-based image search facility please see the gallery themes below for selected highlights from some of our major projects.

All our images are available for commercial licensing, so please contact us with your design requirements — editorial, advertising, exhibit or conservation projects, in print or on-line, large budget (hopefully) or small (probably) — we're always happy to help realise your natural history photographic needs.


Also, please don't miss our 'Focal Point Gallery'.  Updated regularly, we feature special or newsworthy 'photo of the moment' shots.

Please Note: for users with slower internet connections, or browsing on mobile devices, due to the number of images presented in these galleries, this page may take some time to load up and achieve complete functionality.

Our apologies: We are developing a work-around solution to these software limitations and will update these features as soon as we can.

Meanwhile, thank you for your patience... we hope you enjoy the slideshows.

Click any themes below to expand / contract an accordion of interactive slideshows.

Also in development: a movie & sound clips gallery... new & exciting projects to complement our stills photography.

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