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Many of the wildlife images displayed on our web pages have taken tremendous effort - and expense - to obtain. 
We take extreme care to not intrude on our subjects' personal space or interfere with their natural behaviour: we hope you enjoy viewing our photographs but afford us the same courtesy by respecting our rights to control their use. 
We welcome links to our site but please do not infringe copyright laws by downloading our photos,
removing our copyright and water marks and using our images without our consent.


•  This website is owned & operated by Roving Tortoise Photos as a commercial photographic site.

•  All content is copyrighted © 2013 Tui De Roy, Mark Jones & Julie Cornthwaite, Roving Tortoise Photos, unless otherwise credited.  All rights reserved, worldwide.

•  Images & text appearing on this website comprise original works of rights-managed material and we respectfully instruct users that these are NOT to be downloaded, or any files copied, saved, archived, used or distributed in any form, digitally or otherwise, including in derivative works, without express written permission of Roving Tortoise Photos stating the usage rights granted, any fees payable and the terms thereof.  Neither the images, nor any rights subsequently granted may be traded, sold, transferred or otherwise negotiated.

•  Content is displayed for individual reference only.  Any unauthorized use or misuse of this site’s content will constitute a breach of Copyright and International Laws relating to ownership of intellectual property and will incur punitive charges.

•  Images are transparently watermarked for ease of identification and tracking.

•  Hypertext links to third-party websites beyond this domain are provided for reference only: we are not responsible nor liable for the content or integrity of information therein.

•  We are happy to provide non-watermarked, low-res comp images to professional photo researchers, so please contact us directly with your wants and ideas: Our rates are fair and there are no charges/research fees for assembling comprehensive submissions, to be followed by high resolution versions of those you select output to your specific requirements.

For more information on obtaining licensing rights, please contact us:

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