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The Roving Tortoise Worldwide Nature Photography is a business partnership between Tui De Roy, Mark Jones and Julie Cornthwaite.  Founded in the Galapagos Islands over 25 years ago — a unique, wildlife rich volcanic environment set 1000 km off the coast of Ecuador in which Tui and Mark honed their field craft and specialist photographic skills — in 1992 Roving Tortoise Photos moved across the Pacific Ocean to a new base in tranquil Golden Bay, on the South Island of New Zealand.


The Roving Tortoise team excels in producing world-class photo-text packages that represent candid, in-depth exposés of rare species in obscure locations. Projects combining photos, writings and personal presentations have helped highlight many important conservation stories around the world, while large format books have brought unbridled wildness to many a coffee table. As internationally respected authors and wildlife photographers, their work has earned them numerous awards and accolades throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania.  Publishing credits include 14 large format books and hundreds of feature articles in over 40 countries.


Working freelance, they thrive on self-sufficiency in the field: the strength of their work stems from a low-keyed, independent and empathetic approach to their wild subjects.  They are as much at home climbing in the Amazon rainforest canopy as sailing to remote subantarctic islands aboard their custom-outfitted expedition cutter, Mahalia.


Renown for the sensitive portrayal of the natural world from the animals’ viewpoint, the team is both passionate and proud to endorse an honest and ethical photographic code of practice and to promote respect and concern for the world’s beleaguered wildlife and human-pressured ecosystems.  To reinforce the valuable contribution of powerful photography in raising awareness of conservation issues, Tui has served on the boards of several leading international organisations.  A Founding Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, she is also the patron of Friends of Galapagos - New Zealand.


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We have an extensive natural history image library, and are happy to provide
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